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Re: [IP] Nutrition Database

> I stumbled on this site today.  It contains a database of foods &
> brand name foods.  It not only has carb info, but all kinds of
> nutrition info--just like what you see on a label at the grocery
> store.  The info comes from Johns Hopkins.  I did a search on
> strawberry and got everything from strawberries, to Strawberry Pop
> Tarts, to strawberry frosting to strawberry ice cream.  Looks pretty
> extensive.
> www.intellihealth.com
> Click on nutrition
> Click on database
The database used at this site is the USDA Nutrient Database for 
Standard Reference version SR12

It can be accessed directly (much faster) at the USDA site

without the accompanying advertising.

There is also a hyperlink to that site on the FOOD page of our web 

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