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[IP] 300+ units a day?

Hi Everyone, 
Now that I have your attention with the title, I have something I really
need to know about.  I am planning a pregnancy.  When I told my Endo, his
first reaction was that the pump may not be able to handle the amount of
insulin I may need.  He said I may need as much as 300 units a day.  At the
time I thought it was scare tactics.  However, I have since heard people on
this list mention similar amounts when they were pregnant.  I don't know
why, but I can't stop thinking about it.  
Right now, I am on 23.5u basal, with totals usually around 45u/day, my ratio
is 10:1.  If you have had to take so much insulin, how does your body handle
it?  Does the site get fatigued daily (i.e. daily site changes)?  Do you
Save the needle reservoir and re-fill the reservoir daily?  Do you just use
a new one daily without changing the site?  Do you disconnect at the luer
lock, or do you re-prime with new tubing up to the quick release?  I can't
imagine managing that much insulin daily.
Please let me know what your experiences are/were.  As always, thanks to
everyone on this list for all the support and help!

Ellen Compell (Age 30)
Type I/II, Pumping since Dec. 1998
MiniMed 507C
email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted>