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Re: [IP] soft sets vs. silhouettes

> puddle had formed that was slower to absorb.  Anyway, he still wants
> to use sils on soccer days.  My question is, are they
> interchangeable when it comes to basal rates and bolus amounts, or
> do rates have to be set differently for different kinds of infusion
> sets.  The softset most likely hits muscle, since it bothers him and
> seems to absorb fairly quickly.  The sil, we found out when removing
> it, was only in at about a 15 to 20 degree angle.  Will the 30
> degree angle make it more like the soft set in its absorption?

Basals and bolus should remain the same. Different sites and 
different sets both may affect the rate of absorbtion, but hopefully 
not a lot. My daughter has not experienced any differences and she 
uses both SofSets and Sils in rotation front and back. Others on the 
list have reported differing absorbtion rates for tummy vs buttocks, 
etc.... Your son may wish to try Sils in the upper buttocks area 
(very high, almost belt line) which works well for Lily (varsity 
soccer player) and sticks better than the SofSet.

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