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Re: [IP] What not to say & question

> Brian, was this what you were looking for?  :)
> -- Sherry
> -- 
> Thanks.  Sherry Webb Nolan		"Expect GREAT Things!"

ha ha  thats just what i was looking for.. ha ha.

that is one thing that i always wonder about...  me i don't have 
butterflies telling me what to do..

my first low  (believe it or not) was before i found out i was diabetic. 
 even if i had no idea what it was or why i was feeling that way until 
after i came back from the hospital and had my second reaction.

I was getting ready for my first day at school the night before and i 
had not eaten all day (with it now being 10pm) and in the bathroom 
combing my hair and trying to talk with my mom (which was a 
challenge and i did not know why i was having a hard time asking 
several simple questions which took like 15 minutes each)  then i 
suddenly got real dizzy and tunnel vision like i was going to pass 
out..  scared my mom to death and she had me sit on the floor  
while she ran to the kitchen to get a spoon full of peanut butter..  
after that the next thing i remember is seeing everyone stand 
around me and me with a mouth full of peanut butter.  (lucky me it 
was the good kind)  then she found out that we (me and my bro) 
did not have supper at my dads house and ordered a pizza.. eating 
at 11 that night..  the bad thing about this story is that i seen both 
extreme about 2 hours latter i was waking up every 20 minutes to 
run to the bathroom.  and now i finally understand why i did both  
ha ha..

but i wish i could of had that interesting conversation with a big bug 
like you.. ha ha   j/k  8)

Brian Carter
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