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[IP] What not to say & question

>Who here remembers their first reaction?

I do I do  I do!!!  :)

5 days home from the hospital, and my parents got an exciting
into the world hypos.

The doctors had put me on a starvation diet.  Long story won't get into
here and the one shot of NPH I was on decided to peak differently then 
usuall.  I was 4 years old to give you perspective.  

I woke up at 3am and saw a beautiful 3 foot butterfly in my room and 
decided to follow it around the house.  It lead me to the kitchen 
where it told me it was fun to spin.  So I started to spin and spin
and spin.  Then of course I fell and the sound woke my parents up who
wondered what one of us kids was doing downstairs at 3am.  They came 
down and found me spinning again.  My mom decided I was low in a 
quick second when I told her to watch out for the butterfly.  She
grabbed a bottle of Coke, and a lollypop and my dad grabbed orange
sherbet. (Don't ask me why he chose sherbet because I don't know,
but there was no family history and this was the first hypo).  When
I saw them, suddenly the butterfly disappeared and a coke bottle with
arms and legs, lollypop with a big mouth, and sherbet container came 
to life and started chasing me around.  My parents had a hard time
up with me as I ran around the house screaming! <LOL>  Finally my dad
me and pinned me down.  He grabbed the lollypop from my mom and stuck it
my mouth, but all I could hear was the lollypop screaming at me not to
him.  So  I got an arm loose pulled the lollypop out and chucked
right at my mom since it got stuck in her hair.  My dad then started
coke down my throat and although I ended up with more on me then in me,
seemed to pull me out of it.  Needless to say when I was young hypos
me halucinate. <LOL>  To this day we chuckle about this time.  I wish I
a blood machine then to check what my bg really was, but I was using the 
urine strips at that time and they really didn't tell you anything
you were above normal.  Once I got a machine I had similar reactions

Brian, was this what you were looking for?  :)
-- Sherry
Thanks.  Sherry Webb Nolan		"Expect GREAT Things!"

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