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Re: [IP] What not to say & question

> eat something.  They have been instructed NOT to ask "Are you low?"
> because like I have said I will always answer no.  I think the No answer
> is just part of the reaction. 

For me i think that when they tell me to check myself to be sure or 
ask if i should eat something it is more of a isolation type of thing 
since no one in my family knows how it feels to go low.  yes they 
read books and heard what the Dr's say but unless they feel it and 
and then realize that it is pretty NOTICABLE for me.  personally i 
think all DRs and medical staff should get about 5 units of humalog 
just to see how a reaction is..  ha ha..

question of everyone..  Who here remembers their first reaction?

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