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[IP] soft sets vs. silhouettes

This is another YMMV thing, no one else would know what
the absorption rate would be for someone else.
 I had the same sort of problem  the first time I tried
a Sil, and now I wouldn't go back for the world.  The
angle may have been fine, it was the location, or it
was too deep.  You should always treat your highs ( I
always treat anything over 300) with a shot in the
abdomine, rather than re inserting and bolusing.  It is
better for the body in the long run not to run high for
any extended time, and there is always the chance that
the change may have not been necessary.  With the sils
it is important to bolus 1 unit to fill the inserted
teflon catheter.  I lowered my basals after going on
the Sils in all honesty, I believe the Sils do a better
job of delivery, where as the soft-sets get bumped and
upset too easily.  Do this on  a day that is not so
critical, and then he will be ready for that soccer
game.   Just my opinion,  an use what you can,   Laurie

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