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[IP] soft sets vs. silhouettes

Hi.  Stephen is on day 4 of pumping.  His basals are not quite there yet, but 
we're getting closer.  Yesterday was the first live set change.  Stephen had 
done the saline and original start up with a soft set, which bothered him 
since he has little to no fat, so he asked to try a sil.  The nurse said she 
has no patients on sils, but was willing to try.  The insertion went fine, 
but the 3 hour check he was over 500.  We bolused and it didn't come down, so 
we did a set change back to soft set and bolused again.  He came down right 
away, then kept dropping.  I suspect the sil was too shallow, and a puddle 
had formed that was slower to absorb.  Anyway, he still wants to use sils on 
soccer days.  My question is, are they interchangeable when it comes to basal 
rates and bolus amounts, or do rates have to be set differently for different 
kinds of infusion sets.  The softset most likely hits muscle, since it 
bothers him and seems to absorb fairly quickly.  The sil, we found out when 
removing it, was only in at about a 15 to 20 degree angle.  Will the 30 
degree angle make it more like the soft set in its absorption?

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