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[IP] The pump Girls

My daughter(Laura) and I, went to the Meadowlands Fair in NJ this past 
weekend and saw The Pump Girls perform.  My daughter will be 6 in August and 
wants the pump for her b-day, if you can believe that!  These four young 
girls were a delight to meet.  They came out and showed Laura their pumps 
and their infusion sites. She liked all the different colors they had (they 
use MiniMed). It was the first time Laura got to actually see the pump in 
use.  It left such an impression on her!  She wants it more than ever now. 
The girls were so outgoing and friendly and a real inspiration.  They signed 
Laura's CD and gave her a poster and signed it.  The whole experience made
me cry as Laura was just dx 7 months ago.  I had a chance to speak to one of 
their mothers who told me not to wait to put Laura on the pump.  One of the 
pump girls said that she had wished she had been on the pump when she was 
younger (she is 15 and had the pump for about 2 years).  That is one thing I 
never want to hear from my daughter.  I want the best control for her now! I 
just made an appt. with a new endo in Westchester who has children (3yrs 
old+ on pumps). I actually got this endo from a woman I meet at the concert. 
Laura's endo wants her to wait till puberty hits...no way I say as long as 
my daughter wants it.  Thanks for listening.

Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano

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