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Re: [IP] Re: What not to say or do to diabetic children...

I seem to have given the wrong impression of my Dad. Both my parents and 
sisters are incredibly supportive, and as a kid, I never got into trouble 
about any aspect of my diabetes. It is only now, when I am old enough to know 
better, and ignore the symptoms, that they all give me a hard time - which I 
I think of all the times that I had hypos as a kid, and what my parents and 
sisters went through to help me, and still go through now when I have a hypo 
(although I haven't had a bad hypo in nearly two years woo hoo!!!) and I 
realise how lucky I am. Even my grandparents learnt about this disease - 
Nanna would always make me a separate dessert without the sugar, or my own 
pot of jam, or a section of cake or slice without icing that only I could 
eat. My whole family had to eat when I wanted (or needed) and my sisters 
loved being able to eat all the time with me. 
As with everything, I complained, and rebelled, but my family still stood by 
me, and still looked after me when I needed it.
In the face of all of that, I guess a little anger now and then is justified. 

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