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Re: [IP] Atheletes On The Pump

Just to let all of you know.  Our appt with the Dr was interesting.  He was 
actually not a great help, however our nurse practictioner was terrific.  

Tizzy's going on Humalog and ultralente as soon as we complete the classes.  
We start next week and it should only take about a week.  We are both very 
excited.  It's not the pump, but one step closer.  

Our nurse practitioner supported me in all our "unauthorized adjustments"  
and said I was doing fine without their help.  In fact, she asked me if I 
would consider working there!!  (not gona happen)

Anyway, things are looking up.  Tizzy has city finals tomorrow.  Cheer for 
her you guys!!   So far this year, she's been kicking ass!!
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