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Re: [IP] With the pump, most things are possible.....

This breaks my heart!!!

Tizzy was just dx'd on June 4 and is away for 3 days at cheerleading camp.  
(I have to admit I wasn't thrilled with her going off so soon, however, I am 
thrilled she felt confident enough to do it)

She didn't give herself a shot for about the first week, but after screaming 
her bloody head off when I gave her one, I told her I was done and she could 
do it herself from now on.  So she did.  She has very little body fat and has 
trouble using her arms cause she can't "pinch an inch", so I still give her 
some in her arms.  Her sister also learned how to give them in her arms and 
she's at camp with her.  

They're rooming together, so I hope between the two of them, she'll do OK.  
(they left Tues 5:00am and I haven't heard from them yet so I'm ASSUMING 
she's OK.  

Feel really bad for that 12 year old.  Wish she could talk to Tizzy
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