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Re: [IP] Stomach really the only site?/swimming with pump


Tizzy is 12, almost 13.  And I'm afraid she would be embarrassed, at least at 
first.  However, I have good news.  We saw her Dr. two days ago and she's 
going on Humalog and Ultralente.  This is one step closer to the pump.  I'm 
thrilled cause those highs and lows at swim meets are making me crazy.  

My hope is that she'll get on the pump sometime during the school year and by 
next summer won't mind wearing it.  Cause from what I've seen, most of you 
guys wouldn't give it up for the world.  S

She's one of those kids who doesn't want attention drawn to herself and she 
thinks the pump will cause a commotion (sp)   But we'll see.  The freedom she 
gets from it will make all the difference
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