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Re: [[IP] denises basals]

Denise wrote:
> I now have 2 basals instead of 4 also. This all seems to be 
> working much better, especially since I have been pretty darn 
> ill with an upper respiratory infection! 

Sara wrote:
"This is not meant as a lecture and god knows I have no claim to being a 
medical professional (yuck!), but , I personally do NOT think you have your 
basals worked out.  When you are sick your body needs more insulin - so if 
your blood sugars are doing good NOW, while you are sick, you can expect them 
to be out of whack again when you are well.,  MOST people have to INCREASE 
their insulin needs when they are ill, so I STILL think your basals are no 
I am not sure you get the point of what the basal is for...You do NOT have to 
eat to have a normal blood sugar. Period.  You do not eat to match your basal 
insulin.  If you eat, you take a bolus.  If you do not eat, you subsist on 
basal, if they are set correctly.  The fact that you were scared of going 
hypo aside, the fact that you had never fasted for breakfast before 
aside....I STILL think your basals are too high and until you get well and 
get them low enough, that you can go without eating, then you still don't 
quite have it down. 
I hope you feel better soon and get the answers you need from someone!

     I know I will probably still have some adjustments to make after this
infection clears up. I understand the theory behind the basal rate and that it
should remain constant regardless of food intake. I guess I was afraid to make
any adjustments without my endo's approval. I have ordered the "pumping
Insulin" book, and once it arrives and I am well, I will start fresh. I am
still having one hypo a day, different times though, but I believe it is more
related to activity levels. I do thank you Sara for your concern and input. I
will keep you updated! Have a good one, in the Big Apple, my birth place!

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