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Re: [IP] What not to say or do to diabetic children....

When I was seven years old I saw a coomercial on TV for diabetes, I asked my
Mom what it was. Her answer was "It's a disease where you have to drink a
lot of orange juice and can't eat any sugar".

A few weeks later my family made the bi-yearly trek to visit the
grandparents, an eight hour drive at the most. We had to stop every 15
minutes because I really, really had to go to the bathroom. It took us about
twelve hours to finally get there. My Mom was very upset with me because I
must have drank a lot of water before we left, or else I just wanted to
check out every restroom for 400 miles. As soon as we got home my Mom made a
doctor's appointment for me. I told her they were judt going to make me pee
it a cup. Sure enough that was what they did. An hour later they called my
Mom at home and told her to bring me right down I was diabetic. Of course my
Mom cried and screamed at me, she had no idea what diabetes really was, as
you can tell from her description above.

She would always say in front of my friends "Did you do your urine test?"
At least know it's blood, but it used to really embarrass me.
There are a million other things people use to say that really upset me,
"Do you have to give yourself a shot every day?"
No actually it's 4 or 5 thank you.

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