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[IP] New Endo- long

For those of you who have considered changing endos, I am here to tell you it 
is the best thing I have done for my son, Josh.  He saw his former endo every 
six months, had very few lab tests done, and even though he had wildly 
fluctuating blood sugars, very little was changed.   We had asked for a pump 
starting a year ago, but really in earnest in the last six months, to no 
avail.  When he went to his last appointment we were put off again and then 
his next appointment was made for December.  That was it.  I called a Joslin 
Center close to us and talked to one of their CDEs about their Standard of 
Care.  I got an appointment in two weeks and WOW! what a difference!!  My son 
has been to see the doctor (who is wonderful),  had his first of four 
education sessions (the first since he was diagnosed), had many labs 
including a 24 hour urine, and had his insulin regimen changed completely.  
This is since July 8.  She said we would work toward a pump- she wants to get 
to know Josh and make sure he is motivated to do what needs to be done.  He 
has done everything she has asked, so I am very hopeful. At least now I feel 
he is getting the care he needs and deserves.  Thanks to those of you who 
encouraged me to take this step.   It was hard since I liked his former endo 
(and was actually friends with him before my son was diagnosed). 
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