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Re: [IP] A cry for help...UPDATE

Thanks for the luck,
>Good luck with Joslin, but keep in mind that out of plan services are
>much more expensive.  If your PCP will work with you, maybe she can help
>find a place to try that is in service.

Hi Deb,
I should have been clearer.  Joslin is in Network, but out of the Hospital
Affiliation my PCP works in.  She works through Emerson Hospital in Concord
and trys to refer me to doctors who also work out of Emerson since it is
easier to share information.  She didn't know of a pump endo within the
Emerson system, so she was willing to refer me to a doctor through Joslin.
The doctor I am going through is covered through BCBS, so it should all be

Thanks for the luck,

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