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Re: [IP] MTM and the poor diabetic children

In a message dated 7/12/99 1:16:39 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 <<And if we want to cure this
 thing, we better get used to doing whatever the public wants to make them
 open their wallets >>

I'm with you 100% Vicki.  I think you have hit the nail on the head or the 
plunger on the syringe or the strip on the meter, or whatever.  
I think what some parents might not understand is that we who have grown up 
with D have spent alot of our life playing normal in everything we do.  A lot 
of us were in denial about the devastating effects of D until they start to 
hit us personally.  Then we start thinking that this disease IS really bad.  
I think I was in denial for about 15 years.  I was taking care of myself most 
of the time but I did not want to hear all the bad news about D.  I just 
personally didn't want to deal with it.  When I finally accepted D, all that 
changed.  Having had IDD for 39 years, I have been very lucky with few 
complications.  I know that the complications are inevitable and even though 
I may maintain relatively good control, this disease will slowly but surely 
destroy my body.  I believe like you that whatever it takes to get people to 
give money for a cure, then that's OK with me.  I accept my D and feel good 
about myself so I really don't care whether people feel sorry for me.  

I am making a push now to get corporate sponsors for our Walk in October.  
When I talk to these people, I try to appeal in any way that I think will get 
them involved.  Last year I had breast cancer and I used the sympathy routine 
with alot of people and it worked.  I appreciate more than ever how lucky I 
am and how much support I have.  I am healthy and happy and energetic now and 
I want to do whatever it takes so my children and future grandchildren don't 
have to deal with this disease.  I want that cure.  ellen
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