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[IP] What not to say to diabetic children

Boatboak wrote:

> do not say " well you better enjoy those pancakes this may 
> be the last time you get to have them " on the morning the child 
> is brought in for a blood glucose test to discover if he/she is diabetic!!

you poor thing!!

here are two of mine.  

Diabetic child's question:  "If I can't eat Oreos, then why do we have them 
in the house?" 

WRONG answer:  "Not everyone in the family has diabetes."

Diabetic Child's question:  "Why can't I have any ice cream?"

WRONG answer from someone who could stand to lose 20 pounds:  "You are on a 

Sara - who eats oreas and ice cream now as she sees fit...and as long as her 
jeans fit...
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