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[IP] River rafting


I rafted on the Lehigh river in PA last fall and wore my MNMD 507 
throughout.,  I wrapped it in a baggie and a plastic bag, then tucked it in 
my shorts and left it there.  I kept my meter and dex tabs in the 
cooler...where they were completley inaccessible.  I tested several times in 
the morning before I got in the boat to make sure I was holding steady, and 
again when we stopped for lunch, bolused very conservatively for lunch and 
tested before i got back in after lunch.  Despite the heavy rowing we did 
(low water flow), I was a little high at the end, but I had been JETTISONED 
from the boat after lunch - thought my life was gonna end - hit a rock that 
left a dent on my body - good thing i didnt land on the pump...

In August, I doubt there wll be that HUGE of rapids...unless they have 
justopened a dam...wrap it in a baggie, duct tape it shut so you can see it 
still - then you can bolus etc with out taking it out...the MNMD is water 
resistant, so if it gets damp dont freak - just dry it off real good.


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