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Re: [IP] A cry for help...UPDATE

In a message dated 7/13/99 7:37:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< So I am calling around...wish me luck,
 Sherry >>

Sherry:  My endo approved a pump for my son Stephen back in November.  None 
of the clinics within the "approved" circle according to my insurance would 
start him (the endo doesn't do starts), so I called and begged Joslin to do 
it.  They said they would.  When the PCP submitted the request to go out of 
network to Joslin, they said no, that I should stay in network if I wanted 
100% coverage.  They also sent the letter in which they suggested places in 
network.  Well, the nurse at the pediatricians office offered to make some 
calls for us, and low and behold, she got us in to a clinic that had said no 
to me earlier.  (sometimes professionals can get their foot in the door 
easier) My insurance is Healthsource, by the way, and since we went with 
Seacoast Diabetes in Dover NH, they are covering the visits and supplies 
100%.  Good luck with Joslin, but keep in mind that out of plan services are 
much more expensive.  If your PCP will work with you, maybe she can help you 
find a place to try that is in service.

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