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[IP] Re: changes in insulins doses

We just did this with our 8 year old son, not yet on a pump.
Unfortunately we were not able to drop his doses fast enough,
only 2-3 units/day twice in a week, and ended up with a whopper 
of a seizure. :-(
It is amazing how little insulin he is currently getting compared to
what he had had - for nearly a year. He also grew an inch in the last
month. I spoke with an internist a few days ago who told me that
she had always felt that children between ages 8-12 had the most
variations and fluctuations. I also found this discussed as
"intermittent insulin sensitivity" in one of the chat transcripts
on the Children with Diabetes website. A woman endo had been the
guest as I recall, for the chat I had found it in. She finally talked
about it very close to the end of the discussion, in replying to 
a parent who seemed to be seeing the same fluctuations you and I do.
This is one of my strongest motivations in getting my son on a
pump asap. I think these fluctuations will be much easier to handle
without a huge peak of NPH coming at you down the road.
In truth we have seen this kind of thing since Ben was diagnosed
at age two, something like every few years he suddenly needs
enormously less insulin than he had previously. At one point he
went completely without insulin for three days, more than 2 years
post diagnosis, and stayed at normal numbers but did not drop low.
The endo told us then that he had no explanation for it.
Right now we are doing insulin doses that Ben had back at age 4.
It's kind of like returning to kindergarten all of a sudden. :-)
Please let me know if you learn anything more about this, as I 
have been looking for information quite intensely as of late.
Oh, btw, our recent endo thinks our situation now is due to 
absorption problems. But that doesn't make sense if your son
is on the pump, IMO. 
Laurie Holtz in Seattle
Mom of Ben, age 8, hoping to get on the pump in August -
also Tatiana, age 10, Sergei, age 7, and Irina age 5.

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