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[IP] Don't get an infected foot!!!

After one week in the hospital (ICH: yes I can manage my own pump....I've
been pumping longer than you have been a [doctor, nurse, nurse-assistant,
patient-rep, etc)) I was almost ready to come home

Then I discover I'll BE HOME for the next couple of weeks (minimum) while my
foot remembers how to drop the bloat.  Oh well. Wearing a soft cast and a
HUGE boot over it isn't fun but better than going into Manhattan every day
(sorry Sarah, but update my address cause I'm working from home for now).

I'll post interesting things I've learned about diabetes and hospitals
(nothings changed in 20 years except now they have a neat machine which they
bring around a few times a day to take blood sugars UNLESS you are handling
your own and then they NEVER EVEN ASK if you have a decent reading)!

Oh well.  At least I get my wife's cooking now (anything better than
hospital excuse for food, even though I'm privileged to get 'airline'
prepackaged kosher meals which have no indication of amounts, sizes or

Yerachmiel the perennial tester

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