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Re: [IP] What not to say to a kid - the parent's perspective


        I strongly feel that everything my parents did and said helped me 
later in life to understand the importance of tight control.  I also went 
through a small rebellion period and though my parents had no idea what they 
were talking about.  When I turned 18 I realized that EVERYTHING my parents 
had told me was right.  That all along they knew what they were talking 
about.  I feel that it helped becuase even when I went away to college, I 
pushed myself to keep tight control.  Ultimately, I went on the pump b/c the 
stress of college life was almost more than my Diabetes could handel and 
achieving tight control became harder and harder.  I feel now that my parents 
helped me so much by staying after me and making sure I did the right thing 
in everything I did.  I am sure that like me and many others, Jenna will 
realize as she gets older that you were doing the best thing for her.  Just 
my .02 cents worth. 

             Cheri :)

P.S.-  I feel that one of the best tings my parents ever did for me and my 
Diabetes was send me to camp!  Camp Carolina Trails that is.  I am so glad 
Jenna is getting the chance to go.  If you get a chance before you leave on 
Sunday afternoon, I am in cabin 10.  I hope to get the chance to meet you and 
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