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Re: [IP] HMO ogres want proof of hypo ER visits; well, I never!

>   Help. I need your advice. What can I send them? Should I draft a
>   letter
> explaining my need? 

Nope, make sure they have a "letter of medical necessity" from your 
doctor. If they do not, contact your pump company, or both of them if 
you've not decided yet, and get a sample draft copy of one. Once that 
is done, they are contractually obligated to provide treatment per 
the doctors orders. At that point you can stop being polite and begin 
the appeals process along with a call to the medical directors 
office. If they delay or hassle you, it is time to contact the 
insurance commissioners office in your state. Do the steps in the 
order above, be nice (at first), but be firm and don't take any c**p.

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