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[IP] RE:Fundraising out LOUD

>>A few months ago I wrote a letter to the newspaper asking for
increased funds for research on DM.  I got an unfriendly reply >>

Before we form a posse to put a noose on that vermin newspaper I have a

Did you write a private letter to the newspaper and get a private reply from
someone at the newspaper?
Did you write a letter to the editor to which an irate reader responded with
their own letter to the editor?

Letters to the editor can be an excellent way to put across a point of view,
and despite what you may think, newspapers love them. Also, editorial page
items ensure that the readerships' knowledge of DM won't depend solely on
what is written by a usually under-informed (on this topic) reporter.  But
all who write must be prepared for the backlash  from readers who are
impassioned about AIDS funding, or breast cancer funding (to name  big in
vogue causes at the moment) and some impassioned people can get pretty ugly.
   That said, lets round up horses and get a move on..


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