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Re: [IP] RE: Hypo Unawareness


>  (Basic miscalculations of carbs,  overcompensation for lows, and
> I think, general bad luck!!!).

I use to do this allllll the time.  Since I got this chart thing, I take only the
number of carbs recommended for how low I am.  Wow, what a difference it makes.
I come up to a "normal" bs and stay there.  Granted, I am not perfect and at
times still go crazy!!!  Also, since being on the pump, doing the fasts, and
setting basel rates I have far fewer lows, which is really nice.

> With all this variation, why do I get symptoms some times, and not others?

For me, I find that reason why sometimes I have symptoms and other times not is
due to how fast/slow I am coming down.


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