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Re: [IP] What not to say or do to diabetic children....

I remember getting scolded for drinking and having to go to the bathroom all
the time (before being diagnosed).  My mother never wanted to take me
anywhere because she knew we would always have to stop.  Of course when I
was diagnosed a short while later and she found out that I wasn't just being
an ornery kid, she felt really bad.  On a similar note, sometimes when I was
low during the night I would go into the kitchen to get food, and would get
yelled at for waking someone up.  Of course they're sorry when they find out
it's because you're low, but the moral to the story is don't yell at kids
until you know what is causing their behavior.   It's funny, my parents were
very stirct about watching what I ate and doing my shots at exactly the same
time, but I ended up eating what I wanted and letting myself slip into bad
control somehow.  On the other hand, my brother was diagnosed 2 years ago
(he is 7 years younger than I), and they are giving him much more freedom.
I suppose they are trying a different approach, because they feel that they
failed with me, but he isn't doing any better.  I am now in much better
control, I think because I am older and have come to accept what I have to
do (for the most part!).  The thing is, I think that all children with DM
have to deal with it in their own way, and will go through some rough
periods, but it isn't their parents' fault.  It is nobody's fault.  I think
that parents should just be supporting above all else.  A kid with DM has to
come to accept it in their own time, and parents can not force that.


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