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[IP] Re: What not to say or do to diabetic children...

Ok ok ok. 
My parents were incredibly supportive and never did I get scolded for 
having a high or low. (Dxd age 4, IDDM 19 years) My mom told me flat out 
when I was 12 that if I was going to have treats that I should learn
how to compensate for them.  That surprised me because I thought I was
in for it when she caught me with that Snickers bar. :)  I heard the 
"what was your test?" so many times I started responding with "not until
you tell me what yours was!" :)  My parents decided maybe that was
old and stopped asking everytime.  They would spot check me once a week
or so.  When I was 13 my dad was diagnosed with type 1 also and I gained
a whole new respect from him.  When he said, "I know what you mean now," 
after a low or a high, I actually felt more likely to tell him things.

But there were the top few comments that always bothered me...and I let
them know. (Rebelious teen) :)

1. Mom :  Are you running low?
   Me  :  NO!
   Mom :  Are you sure?
   Me  :  YES! After X years don't you think I would know!!!
	(70% of the time she was right!) 

2. Dad :  Did you take your insulin?
   Me  :  YES! Daaaaddd....Geez. :)
   Dad ;  How much?
   Me  :  Enough to kill an elephant!
   Dad :  Sherry....
   Me  :  What?   (you get the picture)

3. Me  :  Do you have to go to the doctors office with me?
   Mom :  I have some questions I want to ask the doctor.
   Me  :  But I'm 17, most kids my age are seeing an adult doctor
          their parent tagging along.
   Mom :  You aren't most kids.
   Me  :  No I'm the one whose mom has to take her to the doctor...boo
hoo hoo.
   	(ok so I was a brat. :)  )

4. Dad :  What was your test?
   Me  :  What was your test?
   Dad :  Sherry, seriously what was your test?
   Me  :  Not until you tell me yours!
   (This one worked until he was diagnosed, from then on it only worked
on my mom.)  :)

Basically the usuall girl/mom/dad thing.
Just the topics were DM related.
I love my parents and when I made it clear to them it wasn't helping
backed off.  However, conversations with my mom now have made it clear
that she knew it was the right thing to do, she said it was the hardest
decision she ever made.  Letting your kids do things for themselves is 
the hardest thing a parent ever has to do.  And with DM it makes it
to let go because you want everything to be perfect.  My mom is also an
RN and medically she knew the risks and didn't want to see any of it
happen to me.

So yes we can gripe about the things we wished our parents hadn't said
to us, but then
again how will we ever understand unless we are in their position.  Some
of the members
on here who have DM also have children, some with DM some without.  How
many times
have you asked your children, "Did you clean your room?", "Did you brush
your teeth?", etc.
And gotten the same response.  "Did you even look, I cleaned it
yesterday!", "Yes, and the 
night before, and the night before,..."  

Sorry just thought this observation should be made.  Granted, no one
should ever scold a 
child for being high or low.  I feel rotten on either end and the last
thing I need is
someone scolding me for it, my body already is.

Just my 2 cents,
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