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Re: [IP] What not to say or do to diabetic children....

Well I can actually say I have been in that position more than once . You
learn to except this . My father has not talked to me in over 7yrs because I
have diabetes and one night when I was asleep on his couch I had a pretty
bad reaction well I ended up cussing him and slinging my arms well he got
pissed off and beat the living s--- out of me and he knew I was in a
reaction and I didn't mean what I said but my father seems to think that I
couldn't be part of him because I am not perfect and my brother and sister
are at least they don't have a desease . But whats funny is I got diabetes
from his side of the family !!!!hahaha Anyway no one is perfect and I have
forgiven my father for what he did even though he still doesn't talk to me
at least I know I tried an I don't blame myself anymore.
 Hey I love that movie I bought it and I watch it about once a year its a
tradition in my house and it kinda reminds me to take care of myself.....But
everyone has there on opinion.!
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>I'm 22 now, have been diabetic for 20 years, and was caught out low on my
>from home work last week. I was about 2 (36) and had no glucose tablets
>(I had eaten the last one about 2 minutes earlier), and would not have
>home for about another hour.
>Mum was driving, and pulled over so that I could run in and buy some food,
>and Dad walked in with me. It was very embarrassing, as the closest place
>buy food was a bar, and being a Friday night, it was already fairly busy. I
>was weaving slightly when I walked, and got a few strange looks when I
>to the bar. I ordered a coke, sculled it, and bought an icecream for carbs.
>(More strange looks as it is the middle of winter!!)
>Anyway, Dad was angry at me, getting revved up and going on about how I
>to look after myself, and either do everything right, or not worry at all.
>got mad back - I'm doing the best I can and accidents/mistakes do happen.
>Nobody can be perfect all the time, if any of the time, and I don't need
>anyone telling me I should never get caught out.
>So there's my gripe - be aware that accidents do happen, and give them a
>break when it happens. Sorry it took so long to get to the point. And guess
>what movie has just been advertised for the weekends TV? Steel Magnolias.
>Like I need to see that movie again!!!!
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