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Re: [IP] What not to say or do to diabetic children....

I'm 22 now, have been diabetic for 20 years, and was caught out low on my way 
from home work last week. I was about 2 (36) and had no glucose tablets left 
(I had eaten the last one about 2 minutes earlier), and would not have gotten 
home for about another hour.
Mum was driving, and pulled over so that I could run in and buy some food, 
and Dad walked in with me. It was very embarrassing, as the closest place to 
buy food was a bar, and being a Friday night, it was already fairly busy. I 
was weaving slightly when I walked, and got a few strange looks when I headed 
to the bar. I ordered a coke, sculled it, and bought an icecream for carbs. 
(More strange looks as it is the middle of winter!!)
Anyway, Dad was angry at me, getting revved up and going on about how I need 
to look after myself, and either do everything right, or not worry at all. I 
got mad back - I'm doing the best I can and accidents/mistakes do happen. 
Nobody can be perfect all the time, if any of the time, and I don't need 
anyone telling me I should never get caught out.
So there's my gripe - be aware that accidents do happen, and give them a 
break when it happens. Sorry it took so long to get to the point. And guess 
what movie has just been advertised for the weekends TV? Steel Magnolias. 
Like I need to see that movie again!!!!
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