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Re: [IP] RE: Hypo Unawareness

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have heard a lot mentioned about hypo unawareness, and how running your bgs
> higher for a while should correct the problem.
> My question is this - I often find myself between 2.1 (37) and 3.5 (63)
> without any symptoms of a low. However, my levels aren't all that good at the
> moment (I have been pumping for only 3.5 months) and I am generally up and
> down all the time.
> Over the last few days, I have bounced between 17 (303) and 2.1 (37)
> constantly. (Basic miscalculations of carbs,  overcompensation for lows, and
> I think, general bad luck!!!).
> With all this variation, why do I get symptoms some times, and not others?
> Thanks for any help,

Thing about hypos is that they are most detectable when they happen
Problem is that when you go low and don't treat it promptly enough some glycogen
released to keep you going, but may then drive you high. If you "chase" that
with a 
bolus and go low again you may drop into another hypo, or at least make your
body think you did becaue you dropped too fast.

If a second (or more) hypo hits and there's no glycogen available to bring
you back up you won't feel the symptoms of it being released, which is really
what we percieve as hypo symptoms.

Best advice I can give if this seems to apply to you is to respond to
highs more moderately so that you lessen the angle of the "roller coaster"
hills. This may get the whole routine settled doen much more satisfactorily,
even if at a higher average, then you can fine tune it better.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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