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[IP] RE: Hypo Unawareness

Hi All,

I have heard a lot mentioned about hypo unawareness, and how running your bgs 
higher for a while should correct the problem.
My question is this - I often find myself between 2.1 (37) and 3.5 (63) 
without any symptoms of a low. However, my levels aren't all that good at the 
moment (I have been pumping for only 3.5 months) and I am generally up and 
down all the time. 
Over the last few days, I have bounced between 17 (303) and 2.1 (37) 
constantly. (Basic miscalculations of carbs,  overcompensation for lows, and 
I think, general bad luck!!!).
With all this variation, why do I get symptoms some times, and not others? 
Thanks for any help,


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