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Re: [IP] Fundraising out LOUD, lets fight

> A few months ago I wrote a letter to the newspaper asking for 
> increased funds for research on DM.  I got an unfriendly reply 
> because I had done a comparison between AIDS funding and DM 
> funding.  In the reply the writer suggested that "diabetes advocates learn
> from the AIDS community about how to effectively appeal" for research
> monies.  So today I'm calling on all diabetics and those affected by them
> to ACT UP!  (or as Sara put it, "Be Loud, Be Proud....BE BUMPY!!!")  If
> not for ourselves, then for our children and our children's children, we
> must ACT UP, BE LOUD and demand our "fair share" of the funding.  Their
> future can be better!

hmm if your news paper wants a louder voice get me us their 
address and i think we should all mail them a letter the same 
day...  also  could you send me a copy of the response they sent 
you so i can include it in my response so they know why  i am 
writing them from so far away..

who agrees with and is willing to do this?

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