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[IP] Discrimination Against our Son

Our four year old son, Sam, was registered to begin day camp on June 28.
All medical issues were presented and discussed including the need to monitor 
his blood and give one lunch time shot.  All of this was accepted by the 
people we corresponded with.  The camp has three RNs and 2 EMTs on staff.
On Saturday, June 26, we received a disturbing call from the owner of the 
camp stating that there was no way he would allow Sam to be in the camp 
because of his diabetes.  He said neither he nor his staff are able to 
address Sam's needs and they would not even try and that Sam's registration 
is canceled.
In my own 39 + years of type 1 diabetes, I never experienced this type of 
discrimination.  Our son, my wife and I are devastated.  My wife and I are 
very angry that this man can prevent and an otherwise healthy individual 
child from participating at his camp because the child is a diabetic.
We know that the camps actions violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Has any one ever had this type of experience.  What actions were taken and 
what were the results.
I will email anyone interested, a copy of the letter our attorney recommended 
we send to the camp if you email me at email @ redacted  
Thank you all for feedback and support,
Good Health and Happiness
Jeffrey Poritzky
type 1 for 39+ yrs dxed  11 mths old, pumping 16+yrs
father of 4 yr. old type 1 son dxed 2 yrs ago
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