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Re: [IP] Re: publicity is not always good and Mary Tyler Moore

    True you can reduce diabetic complications maybe stop, or reverses them
MAYBE; I was in DC then the world was told about the DCCT (I was the Big Guy
from Nebraska JUMPING UP/DOWN) for I then had proof that using a pump for
the last 13yrs was right it did kept or slow down my complications. But I'm
one of the unlucky ones who had damages before I got a pump(19yrs on pump
10th model) Hell I have out lasted ALL of MY MD's but they did a great job
teaching and working with me to live a good life. I have had great A1C's and
I have had bad one's, almost 22rs.fighting and winning the fight but the
last year I made a turn now I'm losing the war. But I'm a fighter .....many
times everyone was thinking "he just can't make it any longer" Well, I'm
still here! I remember a doctor tell another doctor "Just tell Rodney no you
can't do that, he will get mad and fight back and do it just to proof you
wrong" . I learned that from my mother they told her they were going to cut
her foot off; NO YOU ARE NOT YOU FIND AWAY TO FIX IT. They found away it was
alot of work for her, and doctors and everyone for two years time but then
she die 12yrs later she had both feet after fighting DM for 50yrs. So
everyday I get up out of bed fighting, doing everything I know now to do,
taking the drugs, testing BS10/20 times aday, changing pump rates, working
out until the DA** pain stops me then doing it more hard better
smarter.....doing it, fighting it, controling it. I win some and I lose
some, but it is the War that I will not give up. It is my job now to win the
fight, I have someone who loves me, who I want to marry. So remember
                            SMILE AND BE HAPPY
do it everyday Hug the ones that you LOVE
Subject: [IP] Re: publicity is not always good and Mary Tyler Moore

> Rodney there are now ways to drastically reduce the incidence the
>so-called diabetic complications.  Indeed no one really knows whether a
>diabetic with an A1C in the low 6's for extended periods will ever get
>compications.  You might be surprised to learn that you might actually Be
>winning the fight.  Some have already sustained some damage before getting
>on the pump and tighter control.

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