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Re: [IP] A cry for help...UPDATE

Ok everyone, thanks for all your input.
I had a check up appointment with my PCP today and I brought up my troubles
with her.  I just have to say that it is a shame she isn't an endo because
she is an excellent listener, she is very supportive, and likes to meet and
have conversations about how life is going.  i couldn't schedule a physical
with her until next year because she is booked solid, but I could get a 20
minutes "conversation" time with her within two weeks.  One time when I was
sick she fit me in the next day after hours.  if she was a few years younger
I would try to set her up with my older brother.  :-)

Ok, enough about plugging my PCP.  I told her about my concerns with the
response I was getting from the endo.  She said that if I was having any
concerns, that was a sign I should get a new doctor!  I told her about the
pump and how I wanted one and she told me she thought I would be a good
candidate.  She had a few patients on the pump who swore by them.  I asked
her if she knew of any "pump" doctors and she said she wan't aware of any in
her hospital affiliation, but that the patients she had on the pump saw
doctors at Joslin in Boston.  She told me to call and try to get an
appointment and she would write a referral to the doctor I got one with.
(She has no problem referring out of her network).  So I have been calling
around.  i called the problem endo this morning to try one more time to get
my A1C and the secretary picked up and said "yeah what do you want."  the
few choice words that came to mind I kept in check and asked again about the
results (just in case I stuck with the guy I didn't want the staff hating
me) and got the same runaround.  Basically no answer.  So i will call
doctors offices tomorrow and see what I can do.  Might be another few months
wait, but then again it may be worth it to have a reliable staff behind me.

As for my wonderful endo writing the note.  She said that she loves the idea
of the pump and that she wished me all the luck with it.  but (doesn't that
word always sneak in), she couldn't write the letter for me.  First, she
didn't feel right knowing I didn't have an endo staff involved in the
process.  Second, she honestly said she didn't know much about the pump and
wouldn't want the insurance company to take that into consideration when
they were looking at my case, and Three, with Joslin near by why wouldn't I
want to go that route.  As for the comments I might get on "well she should
learn more,"  I will have to defend.  She is a very busy doctor who has a
specialty in Internal Medicine, but opted for being a full  time PCP because
she felt that patients who needed specialists were being swept under the rug
so that doctors could see them repeatedly as a PCP instead of recommending
the correct treatment and drugs.  She told me to keep up the good work and
to call if i needed any suggestions, referrals, perscriptions, labwork, etc.
she has been wonderful.

So I am calling around...wish me luck,

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