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Re: [IP] anti-pumper doc

Hi Karen,

Is your Ob. a perinatologist?  Not all Ob's who claim they are high risk
DR's really are.  A perinatologists only handles high risk pregnancies.  I
would be very surprised if one was against using the pump during pregnancy.
You may want to consider changing DR's if yours is not a peri.  I saw a
"high risk" Ob. during my pregnancy and I can't tell you how much I regret
not seeing a perinatologist.  It's a long story I won't get into, but it was
a mistake.

Good luck to you and your baby!
Donna Clarke
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From: Karen Arena <email @ redacted>
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Date: Monday, July 12, 1999 4:29 PM
Subject: [IP] anti-pumper doc

>Have any of you ever experienced a doctor who discouraged use of the
>pump?  I am 6 weeks pregnant, and just saw my risk specialist OB today.
>He said he had better luck controlling his patients with mixed insulin
>dosages.  He also advocates the exchange diet over carb-counting.  I am
>not switching off the pump yet -- we're going to see how I do with a
>more strictly-controlled diet -- but I can't say I agree with his
>anti-pump philosophy.  He seems to think the pump is a reactionary
>approach to blood sugars, and not proactive.  This is the opposite of
>what I have always heard.  Do any of you have any thoughts on this?
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