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Re: [IP] Refurbished pumps

>   b.. Subject: [IP] Refurbished pumps 
>   c.. From: "ager" <email @ redacted> 
>   d.. Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 10:25:38 -0400 
> Does anyone on the list know if there were any
> problems w/ earlier 507c's?
> Susan Ager

Hey Susan....

It's not paranoid at all, and it's always a good idea to check things
out.  You are setting a good example for those of us who never question

I have a 507C that was shipped to me in late June 1998, and I haven't
experienced any problems....except maybe that one time when the basal
may have re-set itself from 2.2 to 2.0...but I'm not sure if the pump
did it, or if I made a mistake in programming.  

email @ redacted's post to IP List on July 12th confirmed my suspicion
that the pump could have 
"Misbehaved," but all I can do now is watch to see if it happens again.

I wouldnt't be at all afraid of a refurbished MM507c that was
originally manufactured before July 1998.  I've been using a pump of
that vintage for 11 months and 23 days with fewer problems than most
folks seem to have.  Let me put it this way.....I trust Earnest with my
life, and he hasn't let me down.

~Janet Marie who loves Earnest...her brite bleu MiniMed 507c pump!
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