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Re: [IP] How much fat is too much?

<<<<Wayne - hi! :) John here. Yes, I'm still around occasionally...

	Well hello John.  I was almost ready to write a comment regarding
how so many pumpers on this list are like ships passing in the night, never
to be seen or heard again.  Nice to know you're still alive and kicking
:-).  I often attend the Nutrition sessions at the Experimental Biology
meetings, and I agree with you that there's really no one doing the
practical kind of work we need.  Part of the problem is that researchers
haven't yet taken advantage of the great opportunity to study pumpers.
With the basal rates properly adjusted, there are all sorts of nutritional
studies that can now be done, that would have been impossible with insulin
injections or even with normal people.
	I'd be concerned about having this new albumin bound isulin hanging
around.   At least, it is not obvious that it would help us pumpers.
	Also, I'm not sure that the hepatic only insulin would change our
life that much.   (Actually over 80% of the normal insulin is taken up by
the liver).   It sounds to me like it would only alter the rates of
glycogen formation in the liver, but the amounts there would still be high
	What we really need someone to develop is an even faster acting
insulin than Humalog.  For most of us, the BG rise from CHO ingestion
occurs much earlier than the insulin can get into the blood.  With a normal
person, when the BG starts to rise, the insulin is increase on a minute
time scale, not over hours like with us poor unfortunates :-)
	Nice to have you back, even if only occasionally.

<<<<<<<<<I went to a JDF conference in London, England last month. Very
day. A numer of JDF-sponsored researchers were giving talks on their work.
One that interested me was on fat metabolism. Aha! I thought. Some insight
into the cutting edge stuff on the role insulin plays in processing the fat
in your blood. Everyone focuses on the insulin-glucose relationship,
ignoring the insulin-fat one. Result of the talk? Disappointment. Much talk
of good and bad cholestrol. Eat your fish and greens. Skip the steak and
salt. Insulin not mentioned. I asked about this in questions from the
floor, but got no informed reply.
	A much better talk was on the new genetically modified insulins
they are
developing at St Thomas' Hospital (opposite Houses of Parliament). One,
NN304, is a soluble long acting insulin. Goes straight into blood, like
Regular or Humalog, but has bits of albumin hanging off each molecule.
Distributes itself around the body, then the albumin drops off, allowing
the insulin molecule to work. Very steady action, no peaks and avoids the
irregular absorbtion from subcutaneous fat.
	Even more fascinating was the hepatic (liver only) insulin. This
molecule has been enlarged so it will not pass into the muscles, but can
only be used up in the liver. In the non-diabetic, the liver has first use
of all insulin, since it is immediately downstream of the pancreas, and 50%
is used up there. Since we inject or infuse it into general circulation,
the muscles are bathed in too much insulin, causing you to go hypo when you
exercise, and the liver has too little insulin, meaning you have too little
glycogen stored there. By mixing hepatic insulin and regular insulin, you
can redress this imbalance. All they need is a few more million to complete
the research, and a drugs company to spend 100million on the clinical

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