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[IP] Accutility Software

Regarding the software for the Accu-Check Complete, is this something that I
can load onto my computer at work without much thought and hard drive space?
I do not have a home computer (yet) and I would like to have the
accessibility of having my bg's download on the computer and print it out
for my CDE and endo rather than to write them down every time I test.  I
find that when I get a good start going of testing and writing my numbers
down, something distracts me and I just sort of run out of steam and not
write them down, but I am testing at least 4-6 times a day (if now more),
and I feel it would be a more accurate listing for my doctor and nurse as
well. Can someone let me know if the program is relatively simple and easy
to load onto my work computer without the powers that be finding out or it
taking up so much hard drive space or it totally blowing my computer (and
cover) up?  Thanks, Tamera
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