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[IP] Water leaks on Disetronics

Water can leak into the little cylinder where the cartridge of insulin goes
in a Disetronic pump, but since that is totally sealed off from the motor
and the electronics, it doesn't hurt anything.  If you get water in there,
take out the insulin cartridge, dry out the cylinder with a paper towel, and
put the insulin cartridge back in.  I must confess that Jenna never bothers
with the little red plug thing, we just dry it out after swimming.  The
only time this was a problem was at the beach - the cylinder got full of
sand, I had to pry the cartridge out with a table knife, it was so packed in
there.  But I must say, her sugars were fine, so I think it was working
despite all the sand.  The D rep suggested I send it in and get a thorough
cleaning because of the sand - haven't gotten it back yet to hear if there
was any problem with it.  But, of course, Jenna's just pumping along on her
backup D pump, so we don't really miss it.

Nancy Morgan, mom of 10 year old Jenna

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