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Subject: [IP] Re: River rafting

Consider a waterproof fanny pack during your trip.  You can get them from
Overton's boating supplies (order item #30139, $9.99, phone 1-800-334-6541).
It's not really padded, you may have to do that yourself, but it's very
secure, buckles on like a fanny pack and would probably stay with your body
whereever your body went.  Even if you disconnect, it's great to have for a
glucometer, a snack, or other supplies that you need to keep dry.  We really
like the one we got for Jenna, though I must admit that I usually end up
wearing it (a 10 year old just can't be bothered), then handing her the
stuff she needs at the appropriate times.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom.

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