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[IP] Re: publicity is not always good and Mary Tyler Moore

 Rodney there are now ways to drastically reduce the incidence the
so-called diabetic complications.  Indeed no one really knows whether a
diabetic with an A1C in the low 6's for extended periods will ever get
compications.  You might be surprised to learn that you might actually Be
winning the fight.  Some have already sustained some damage before getting
on the pump and tighter control.  Those new diabetics who do not take
advantage of the opportunity these days can't demand much sympathy if they
get complications.  It's analagous to those unfortunate people who are
suffering from lung cancer, something even worse than diabetes.  But over
90% of lung cancer is completly preventable, only people had the sense to
take care of themselves.

<<<<<<<  BULL!!!! I know of too
many people who do take care of themselves but this da** thing called DM is
killing them some times slowly a piece at a time or BAM your dead.  I fight
everyday every minute to live, but I know that I'm not winning the fight but
I will kept on fighting the war until I die. THANKS TO YOU and many other
IP'ers and my innocent friends who send give me support love let me VENT
every now and then...
So remember to............................................................
            SMILE AND BE HAPPY

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