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Re: [IP] A1Cs

> How long does everyone usually have to wait after blood is taken to
> find out their A1Cs?  When my blood is drawn at my PCPs office it is
> about 5 days and I get it in the mail.  
If they have the equipment in the office, you can get the results in 
a few minutes. The actual processing time is very short, even for 
older equipment.

> But I can call after 48hours
> and get it if I am anxious.  I had blood taken at my new endo 3
> weeks ago and haven't heard back.  When I call they say they haven't
> finished that week yet and they will be mailed out when they get to
> them.  

They are not processing their lab work. Might want to find a better 
organized endo.

> No comment when I asked if I could get them over the phone. 
> Maybe I was spoiled by my PCP, but doen't 3 weeks seem a little
> long?
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