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[IP] The doctor said WHAT?

Two previous postings mentioned doctors telling their children that
they would suffer from blindness and never be able to have healthy

I was diagnosed 19 years ago at the age of 4.  I don't remember a 
word the doctors told my parents, so I called my mom up to see what
she remembered, since if the doctors did say these things, they never
let me know.

My mom said that the doctors told her that life would never be the 
same for me.  I would have to take shots every day, check my pee
(dating myself aren't I), and have blood drawn every 3 to 4 months
to see how I was doing.  I would have to look out for signs of 
problems such as High Ketones, Repeatedly High Urine Sugars, 
dehydration, etc.  But that I would probably be able to be a
relatively active child with close supervision.  No comment
on blindness, other then I should see an Opthamologist once 
I hit 14. (Ten year rule?)  No comment on pregnancy.  the only
thing they did badly at the local hospital was tell my mom I 
needed to be on a strict diet.  They took a type 2 diet for an
adult, changed all the values to 25% of what they were and told
my mom that was what I got.  So for example: 
Breakfast = 1/2 carb exchange
Lunch     = 1/2 carb exchange, 1/2 protein exchange
Dinner    = 1 carb exchange, 1/2 protein exchange
Snacks (10am, 3pm, 9pm) = 1/2 protein exhange

for reference 1/2 carb = 7.5g Carb

I was starving.  Went to an endo two months later who straightend
it all out.  My mom remembers me begging her for more food because
I was hungry and her breaking down and crying because she couldn't
give it to me.  Also, for another reference, I don't know about you,
but when I was 4,5,6 years of age I could pack away as much food as
I can now if not more.  stomach growls just looking at that breakdown

As for pregnancy, a doctor I had later told me I should plan two years
ahead of when I wanted a child.  I think he was a bit conservative but
this was his rationalization.  First I needed 6 months to get regulated
on a much more intense version of MDI, then I needed 8 months of being
regulated on that MDI, and then the 9-12 months of trying to get
and pregnancy.  So that is 23-26 months.  He told me this 10 years ago
when I was 13 and asking questions.  Pumps weren't quite as popular
as they are now, so he may be telling patients a lot less months now.

Sorry so long,
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