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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems with Prescriptions

David Thomas wrote:
>I was wondering if someone could email me privately with a sample letter of
>necessity reguarding test strips and Humalog.  My plan says they will only
>cover 100 strips a month, and I test 7-8 times a day.

Fascinating snippet in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) this month. A
useful reality check... They analysed the computerised prescription records
for a large Scottish Health Authority, to see who had received how many bg
testing strips over a 3 year period (they were actually correlating it with
HbA1c). Bg testing strips are absolutely free under the British health
service: that's one benefit of the post-war socialist legacy.

16% of people with Type 1 diabetes _never_ tested their own blood sugar (ie
they received no strips)
Only 20% had claimed enough strips to test once a day.
And only 1% - yes 1% - tested 4 times daily.


Type 1 22 yrs, 507+H 18 mnths

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