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[IP] Refurbished pumps

After 5 weeks pumping, I banged into a filing cabinet yesterday and cracked
the LCD screen of my new MiniMed 507c.
Although the pump seems to be operating just fine, I still called the
company and they urged me to send it back. They said they would replace it
w/ a refurbished pump that I could keep, or use on loan while they fixed my
new-but-cracked one.

This all sounds fine, and I'd rather just keep the refurbished one they have
(already) sent to me, except I note its serial number is WAY low compared to
my own, which seems to suggest it is an early 507c. (MiniMed customer
service guy told me oldest ones are from last July.)

Does anyone on the list know if there were any problems w/ earlier 507c's?
Maybe I should just ask for my original (and new) pump back once it's fixed?

I know this sounds paranoid....so please forgive me! Soon I'll be
self-confident, I'm sure!

Susan Ager

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