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Re: [IP] it's getting better!! & silhouettes not sticking (long)


Congrats on your progress.  You are obviously smarter than the Docs!  My 
daughter Tizzy, is not currently pumping, so I'm going out on a limb, but 
there is a product called duoderm, it is made by the same people as tegaderm. 
 It's thicker (and also not transparent), but it sticks better.  I don't know 
if that would help.  Also, when I worked in the newborn ICU, to make tape 
stick better we used tincture of benzoin first, let it dry (it's very 
sticky<and smelly>), but it would make tape stick like concrete!!.  We used 
it on babies heads rather then shave the hair.  But if you try it, YOU MUST 
also get a product called detachol, in order to get it off without taking 
skin with it.  Try the benzoin!!!

Good luck sweety
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