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Re: [IP] Stomach really the only site?

Hi theree -

>From Lands End, I bought some shorts that match my bathiing suit.  When I
finish swimming, I slide those shorts on (running the tube out the leg of my
bathing suit) and attach the pump to the shorts.  If I want to go back in
the water, I go to the ladies bathroom, disconnect the pump, take off the
short and in I go.  Personally, I think a disconnnect from the pump with
serious exercise is NO problem!  Before going on the pump, I always had an
insulin reaction when/after swimming, unless I drank 1/2 glass of Coke.  I
suggest those shorts, or something similar.

Good luck!  Jane
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>I have a silly question.  My daughter is on the swim team and she wears a
>piece suit.  Where do you put the pump?  She's not currently pumping, but
>have high hopes that she soon will be.  She's concerned about where the
>I've heard that some people disconnect them when they swim, but since her
>workouts sometimes go for two hours, I don't think this is a possibility.
>She also tends to stay at the pool after practice (well, only when it's not
>raining!) so she can't disconect for all day.  What would she do?
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